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Antichrist Superstar …

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Wondering who/what I am talking about ? Take a guess …
Its Marilyn Manson, who I feel is one of the most misunderstood artist of all time. I myself had a prejudicial image of him and his music which is very evident cause of his weird n creepy sense of style which cannot go unnoticed; clad in black, black lipstick n nails, mascara, clown make-up, fear inducing ghostly eyes [which btw is nothing but contact lens ].

I was introduced to his music very recently when the movie Max Payne was released starring Mark Wahlberg, which is based off of the hit computer game by the same name. The main theme song of that movie happened to be a track by Marilyn Manson – If I was your vampire. The tune of that song really caught on to me proving very addictive, which lead me to start venturing into the musical realms of Manson. As I started to listen to his famous numbers I could sense a Manson Fan in me emerging out of the shadows, creeping out even. Most of his songs are based on Death, portraying Atheistic philosophies which is why I guess the media has condemned his music and has labeled his band ‘Antichrist’ in nature.

The etymology of his name ? Marilyn – as in Marilyn Monroe the American actress, singer, model and sex symbol and Manson – as in Charles Manson the convicted murderer.

Me being a musical lover and a musician myself, I don’t give a damn about the religious or social implications of any song or music. For me as long as the tune is catchy and I like it its great , else just move on to the next track don’t judge the person. Everyone has a way of expressing their own beliefs, after all its an ART form which is meant to be expressive and idiosyncratic. Anyways I feel its the society/incapable politicians/the media who are just looking, searching for people r faces to blame as being the cause for all that is going wrong in the contemporary world. I have listened to most of his songs now and in no song does he provoke/patronize violence, just that the lyrics pretty much gives a voice to all that is happening; the Bitter truth one might say. Lately I have been reading and listening to his interviews and stuffs, have to say I was very impressed by him who is pretty much a very knowledgeable person. He is known for his abstract paintings as well. After one listens to him speak you would wonder if its the same guy whom a minute ago you had judged as EVIL or dumb or whatever. If you are interested just listen to the following interview by Micheal Moore which is aired in the movie ‘Bowling for Columbine’.

Here’s a list of Marilyn Manson’s songs which I loved, ignoring the order.

  • Heart Shaped Glasses
  • Sweet Dreams
  • The Beautiful People
  • Antichrist Superstar
  • Coma White
  • The Nobodies
  • Evidence
  • Resident Evil Main Theme
  • Angel with scabbed wings
  • If I was your Vampire
  • Tainted Love
  • Having said all this there still might be people who would judge him otherwise or for that matter judge me for enjoying his music, quite frankly I don’t give a damn. So am I an Atheist ? For the record, YES I am. And in noway was I influenced/changed by Marilyn Manson, o please. I am the kinda person who believes in thyself, a pragmatic person. I find it not so convincing to just sit and pray for some divine intervention to grant me a wish / solve my existing problem without me having to do nothing. As a matter of fact I was an Atheist since a long time back, owing to experiences in my life which proved over and over again that

    Who & What we are now, is an obvious result of the DECISIONS that we have taken todate.

    There you have it, the Antichrist Superstar.

    Marilyn Monroe wasn’t even her real name, Charles Manson isn’t his real name, and now, I’m taking that to be my real name. But what’s real? You can’t find the truth, you just pick the lie you like the best.


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    February 27, 2009 at 6:42 AM

    Google Android vs Apple IPhone

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    Ever since, October 22nd 2008, the release of Google Android Mobile OS the question that many have been asking is ‘ Is Android the much awaited IPhone killer ? ‘

    I truly believe that the future of Android is looking very strong and of course it is going to be much much better than IPhone. That leads to the question ‘ What Android really is ? ‘.

  • Android is an Open Source Operating system for the Mobile Platform. It is NOT RESTRICTED to only Mobile Phone/Smartphones, which seems to be what majority of the people are seen to believe. By this I mean to say that it can/has the potential to be ported onto a PalmTop, Netbooks, Mini Laptops, PC even. Asus EEEPC 1000H running on Android . While IPhone is restricted to just Mobile formfactor.
  • Android is Open Source. This meaning the Software licensing is Open , i.e. software is published under licenses that ensure that the source code is available to everyone to inspect, change, download, and explore as they wish and improved by anyone with the right skills. Whereas IPhone isn’t Open Source.
  • Ever been in an argument with an IPhone user on which is better ?
    These are the things you are likely to hear.

  • ‘ T-Mobile G1 doesn’t have MULTI-TOUCH like the IPhone ‘.
    Well I would agree with that, but what most of them are not realizing is that with Android that feature is just a Software Update away. T-Mobile G1 is the only android device in the market as of now and it doesn’t have multi-touch feature enabled, YET. But it has been proved by many enthusiasts that the G1’s screen supports multi-touch. Check it for yourself
    Video Proof of the Multi-Touch on G1
    G1 Multi-Touch

    So why didn’t G1 ship with multi-touch ? One of the reason/the most probable reason would be because of Apple Patent over multi-touch functionality, for more read here.

  • ‘ T-Mobile G1 doesn’t have the OnScreen Keyboard ‘.
    As mentioned, above this feature too is just another Software-Update away. As a matter of fact, rumors has it that it will be released in the next update termed ‘ CUPCAKE ‘. Check out this video of the proposed Cupcake features which is rumored to be released April 2009.
    Well come to think of it, the G1 will be having both the OnScreen keyboard as well as the full QWERTY slide out keyboard which will definitely act in Android’s favor. Since not everyone would be comfortable using the OnScreen keyboard. I too would personally prefer the QWERTY, like for example if I am composing a huge mail and the OnScreen keyboard would prove useful for small inputs since it would relieve me from having to slide out the keyboard [ Gotta confess I am really lazy 🙂 ]
  • Android to outstrip iPhones by 2012

    That’s it for this post, will be back with more on the ‘ Google n Apple skirmish over Smartphone dominance ‘.

    And ya, almost forgot to say something …

    Android Rulezzz !!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

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    February 26, 2009 at 7:26 PM

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    my first blog post ever …

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    hmmmm … me and blogging ???
    There’s something which was way beyond even my wildest dreams, but anyways HERE I AM.

    Gotta confess though that life has a weird way of making you do things u had never imagined. As the saying goes

    ” NOTHING is CONSTANT , except for CHANGE “

    My first ever blog posting, this being a direct result of me watching my sister-in-law, a doc, getting into blogging recently , . Come to think of it, she and my brother are one of the few most influential ppl in my life thus far who have inspired me, instilled in me a need to wanna succeed no-matter what the field. Both of them being Post-Grad holders in medicine [ wow thats great, phew … i know 🙂 ] , have been one of the reasons 4 me to pursue my higher studies. Having said that a bit of introduction bout myself, im pursing my master’s degree in computer science [ oooo no, not another CS GEEK and a grad student ?? … ‘ can any1 BE more DIFFERENT ‘ ] , here at San Diego, California.

    Well this, my first blog posting ie, acts as a perfect premise for me 2 exercise my witty-saying-muscle 😉 …
    You might have heard about these 2 sayings …
    ” There is always a first time for everything ” and ” First step is always the hardest ” …
    Taking these 2 into consideration I came up with a new 1 myself, not sure if this already exists , what the hell who cares … Here’s my version …

    ” Anything you do for the 1st time, will ALWAYS be HARD “

    Some of u might be thinking r saying , well I did this thing once 4 the very first time and it was EASY. Then in my view the corollary to the about statement/witty-saying would be …

    ” If you did something for the 1st time and you felt it was EASY /  EASIER than you had anticipated , then it most probably wasn’t the RIGHT WAY of doing that very thing ” …

    Bye for now 😉 …

    Just wondering how long am I gonna last in this ‘ BLOGOSPHERE ‘ …

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    February 25, 2009 at 7:40 PM