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my first blog post ever …

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hmmmm … me and blogging ???
There’s something which was way beyond even my wildest dreams, but anyways HERE I AM.

Gotta confess though that life has a weird way of making you do things u had never imagined. As the saying goes

” NOTHING is CONSTANT , except for CHANGE “

My first ever blog posting, this being a direct result of me watching my sister-in-law, a doc, getting into blogging recently , . Come to think of it, she and my brother are one of the few most influential ppl in my life thus far who have inspired me, instilled in me a need to wanna succeed no-matter what the field. Both of them being Post-Grad holders in medicine [ wow thats great, phew … i know 🙂 ] , have been one of the reasons 4 me to pursue my higher studies. Having said that a bit of introduction bout myself, im pursing my master’s degree in computer science [ oooo no, not another CS GEEK and a grad student ?? … ‘ can any1 BE more DIFFERENT ‘ ] , here at San Diego, California.

Well this, my first blog posting ie, acts as a perfect premise for me 2 exercise my witty-saying-muscle 😉 …
You might have heard about these 2 sayings …
” There is always a first time for everything ” and ” First step is always the hardest ” …
Taking these 2 into consideration I came up with a new 1 myself, not sure if this already exists , what the hell who cares … Here’s my version …

” Anything you do for the 1st time, will ALWAYS be HARD “

Some of u might be thinking r saying , well I did this thing once 4 the very first time and it was EASY. Then in my view the corollary to the about statement/witty-saying would be …

” If you did something for the 1st time and you felt it was EASY /  EASIER than you had anticipated , then it most probably wasn’t the RIGHT WAY of doing that very thing ” …

Bye for now 😉 …

Just wondering how long am I gonna last in this ‘ BLOGOSPHERE ‘ …


Written by supreeths

February 25, 2009 at 7:40 PM

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  1. Good try!
    Mila 🙂


    January 25, 2010 at 9:36 AM

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