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Google Android Development Hands on – My Experience

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Ever since Android emerged out of Google to the public , i.e. November 2007, I have been hooked onto it. Why ? Just cause it is GOOGLE ? Well read on.

Flashback : Mid 2007
At that time I was very much into mobile phones and everything that had to do with it. Found myself frequently checking out all the newest models, rumors and articles. At that time I owned a Windows Mobile device which ran on WinMob 2003. This decision of mine at that time and place was quite a difference in opinion as the majority of the Asian market was dominated by Nokia running on Symbian OS. I would constantly engage myself in arguments with my peers as to which one was better. It felt as though everyone of them were patrons of the Nokia brandname. I felt that the User Interface of the Symbian OS was quite simple, on the other hand Windows OS was very Power-user friendly, felt more robust. Also I felt that Symbian wasted/squandered most of the real estate available for display, had too many blanks & spaces making it look very basic and kinda naive.

My interest in mobile technologies lead me to start writing applications for Windows mobile [this was prior Android]. I would find it kinda hard to develop because of the lack of good material / tutorial or developer support, it was kinda hard to understand the basic architecture. Also since I was working at that time I could not give it my all. Then came the revolutionary IPhone which swept everyone off of their feet with its intuitive interface and the likes. That got me thinking, well let me start developing on the IPhone. Then again I started searching, reading articles one after other & signed up for Apple Developer Center, saw a few samples. Then I went on to download the SDK which was a .dmg file [Macintosh OS X Disk Copy Disk Image File] and I used a windows machine. My efforts to figure out how to use that on a windows machine proved unsuccessful and also I had to learn Objective-C to develop apps. Well that was the last time I ever thought of even wanting to develop for IPhone.

And then came Android, which required JAVA and had a seamless integration with IBM Eclipse. A combination I was very much familiar & comfortable with and something which I would prefer anyday. Once the SDK was released downloading it and installing it was a BREEZE I tell you, it just felt right. Then I started developing petty applications going through the simple, easy-to-understand tutorials on the android website. Meanwhile at this time I had started applying for my Master’s Degree and kinda got occupied with that.

Fast forward : October 2008.
I am here in San Diego CA, come 22nd T-mobile G1 [1st Android device] is being released for public consumption. Did that get me excited or what. Bought the device the very same day, this rekindled my passion to develop on the mobile platform. I kept myself updated with everything that had to do with Android throughout my 1st semester at school. Then after that I really plunged into serious android development in January 2009 and 20 days later I released my 1st app on the Android Market.

Personal Ledger
An application to track everyday monetary transactions. For more info on this please check my website. All the ratings and download statistics are synchronous with that on the Android Market.

From a developer’s perspective this is the best platform to start publishing your applications, atleast that’s what I feel. The architecture is kinda easy to understand with documentation/tutorial helping you each step of the way and not to forget a very responsive & dedicated developer community.
It was that simple – DEVELOP, TEST & RELEASE no other hassles.

Having said all this I truly believe in the future of Android and I would not think twice about patronizing it.

In Google I trust.
Android Rulezzz !!! 8)


Written by supreeths

March 3, 2009 at 2:28 AM

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  1. would you be interested in adding multicurrency capabilities to pl? I just installed the sdk and i need a reason to learn about it.


    January 30, 2010 at 6:17 PM

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