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Google I/O 2009 …

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Had just finished with my spring semester and was looking for a getaway [atleast temporarily]. This was my very first developer conference which I had attended, and was it a treat or what. Ofcourse it was, what else can you expect … it’s GOOGLE .
Anyways, one of the major contributing factor for me wanting to go there was ANDROID. Well, if you have read my previous blog posts you’ll know that i’m an avid android enthusiast and some1 who just wants to get right in the middle of all the mobile-action I can find 😉 …
It was just me and one of my friends [varun] who actually, finally decided to go … I tried to convince my other roomies n friends to come along with us, but no vain. Later on were my friends pissed with themselves after we returned or what 😉 [you’ll know y, just read on]. When we landed @ SFO we were greated by a friend of varun, who had thankfully agreed to let us stay at his place which practically relieved us of all the accommodation hassles [most importantly worked out economically too :)] for the next few days. I’ll blog later about the days we spent there after the conference and how I feel in love with San Francisco n the rest, now moving on to the conference.

The next cold/windy early morning we arrived at the Moscone Center. After getting TAGGED by the reps at the desk and collecting the goodies [Google I/O t-shirt, few stickers representing some google products n etc] we went straight away to the buffet which was serving breakfast. I couldn’t possibly expect idli vada or dose or any Indian dishes of course, but it was lavish, I can say that.

After quenching our hunger n thirst we waited for the gates to open to the Keynote presentation to mark the beginning of the conference. All these years watching these kinda keynotes on youtube and finally being there, watching it live was quite an exciting thing. We were greeted by a Google I/O themed song in the background and showing off Chrome’s browser capabilities and after which Eric Schmidt spoke a few words and let Vic Gundotra take over. He introduced some of the new features like HTML 5.0 and products google had to offer.

It was almost time for the keynote to end, not before Vic had one last announcement 😉
Vic had an Oprah moment [ as he himself proclaimed ] by giving away an HTC developer phone running android for each n every attendee. That’s right, we got an awesome , sxy phone … oooo yeah 🙂 …
Well I already had an android device, but I wouldn’t say no for this, NEVER … hahahahaha …

Now coming to the sessions. I, as expected, got into all of the Android based sessions. Many of them quite basic but it was good that I could just sit there & have my knowledge refreshed, strengthening on the way. It was a great feeling to be there & hear from the Engineers who built the system & ofcourse there were many ‘Tips & Tricks’ given away by the Gurus.


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June 3, 2009 at 1:37 PM

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