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My Vision of the Future Mobile Phone …

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Mobile phones were ‘ Merely a luxury ‘ a decade ago, but now the mobile revolution has swept across the globe making it an obvious necessity in the contemporary world. Below is a small account of what I believe the characteristics of future mobile phone/smartphone are going to be.

    Radio-frequency identification (RFID)
    RFID is the use of an object (typically referred to as an RFID tag) applied to or incorporated into a product, animal, or person for the purpose of identification and tracking using radio waves.
    The future mobile phone will each have an embedded RFID chip which is unique to the device just like the IMEI number.
    So what are its potential uses in our everyday life ?

  • Authentication of a Ticketed entry
    You have purchased a ticket to a play/movie through the internet. While you were buying it the system had prompted you with an option to tag your ticket with the RFID feature on your mobile phone. If you accepted it, then after a few authentication steps you have finally tagged your mobile phone to the ticket you have bought. Now you go the venue of the event and enter a gated entry which is equipped with an RFID scanner. You just walk through the scanner, it identifies your purchase and opens the gate.
    Are you a frequent Metro user ? Have your mobile phone’s RFID with Metro currency. So that everytime you take the Metro you don’t have to search for cash. All you have to do is just walk through the turnstile equipped with an RFID scanner to gain entry. This technology is already been in practice but not introduced to the mobile counterparts, check these links RFID to Ride N.Y. Subways, Soccer Fans Use RFID Cards to Gain Admission and Buy Food and check for more on
  • Replacement for Currency cards
    Have the RFID embedded in your Mobile phone tagged to your bank account. Use it just like you use a credit/debit card at outlets which are equipped with RFID scanners to make purchases.
  • Retrieval of Lost Mobile phone
    All the above features would certainly provoke you to think about the possibilities of your mobile phone being stolen and misused. Well just report that your mobile phone is stolen to the system, so if the culprit next time gets scanned by one of the RFID scanner it notifies the authorities by raising an alarm immediately and he can be apprehended ensuring the safety of your phone & identity.
    Embedded Biometric Scanners
    I am sure by now you would have come across some form of Biometric scanner in your daily life, be it a Finger-print scanner / Iris scanner / Facial recognition / Hand scanner / Voice recognition. The most common among those would surely have to be the Finger-print scanner, which is being widely used for authentication & identification purposes. Just as a reminder of how technology is advancing, I have a Finger-print scanner embedded in my laptop. The best part of it is that I no longer have to type in the username/password everytime I want to login [ which can get really annoying at times esp for people who are as lazy as I am ] to my accounts which could be an email/messenger/any password protected websites. Just a swipe of my finger, checks if authentic user then based on the website/app I’m running looks up the previously stored username & password and BHAM I’m logged in. How cool is that ?

    Well now just image the same for a mobile phone.

  • Embedded Finger-Print scanner
    A small finger print scanned is embedded into the face of your mobile phone. This can be used to authenticate entry into your mobile phone or used to authenticate other protected applications.
  • Facial Recognition / Iris Scanner
    A camera mounted on the face of your mobile phone could act as a means to authenticate entry into protected applications. This feature can also be used by law enforcement officers to identify criminals on the fly.
    This is pretty much a software implementation, advanced image processing, rather than hardware like the ones discussed above. There are advanced in this field already by a company called Neven Vision, which was a worldwide leader in the field of image recognition. The company, founded by Dr. Hartmut Neven, had its headquarters in Santa Monica, California and offices in Japan, Germany and the U.K. Google has bought this company and we can expect these technologies hitting the mainstream in the near future. For more info on Neven Vision check out these links Google and Neven Vision , Presentation by Neven Vision
    Solar Powered battery backup
    One of the most frustrating things about mobile phones is the battery backup on most of the devices. The more features the mobile phone have, like GPS/Radio/Accelerometer/WiFi enabled, the more battery consumption leading to the frustration of not using the phone to its full potential ALL the time. Well this frustration can be reduced if not get completely rid off, by embedding solar cells in the phone which can charge whilst we carry on with our daily life.

All of the above visions are very plausible considering the recent advancements in the Mobile technologies. Many of the discussed visions might already been in development/practice, these are just my visions of what the NEAR future is going to be. It is going to more than just a Phone and evidently more than just a Luxury, an acquired necessity. It is going to be an integral part of our life, so that leads to the question, Are we going to be ‘ Carrying it ‘ or ‘ Wearing it ‘ ?. Well see for yourself what the future has in store for us according to the visions of Nokia and Cambridge Nanoscience Center, Morph concept.

The future of Mobile technologies is looking very promising. I can’t wait to see it and be a part of it.


Written by supreeths

March 1, 2009 at 10:45 PM